Our Products

We produce Fresh Milk and other Dairy Products

Farm Fresh Pure Milk

Doodhvale address the milk adulteration by delivering the farm fresh pure milk every morning right at the doorstep, free of charge with the use of technology to enable high quality hygienic organic milk Production and distribution.

  • No Additives

    No additives, powder or water is mixed in our milk.

  • No Hormones

    No hormoes injection given to cattle to incerease the productivity

  • No Antibiotics

    Sick animal milk is not delivered to our customers.

Quality Test on 60+ parameters.

Doodhvale's products are passed through a natural and hygienic process of manufacturing i.e. without any kind of adulteration, which sustains the nutritional value of the products.

  • Free Home Delivery

    Our farm fresh products are deliver to customers doorstep every day.

  • 10000+ Happy Customers

    We have more than 10000 customers in Delhi NCR

  • No Middle Man

    We have our own dairy farms or leased farms, means no middle man.

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Our Dairy Farm

In the tiny village of Khewra near Delhi, off the NH 1 highway.


About Doodhvale.com

Doodhvale.com is startup India’s first online fresh cow & buffalo milk and other dairy products service at customer doorstep everyday from their own dairy farms; having quality control process from cattle feeding, cattle comfort, packaging to delivery.

Quality Assurance

Doodhvale follow strict quality process start from animal feed, animal comfort, milking, storage, packaging & transportation till customer delivery so that there are no compromises at any stage.

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